About us

I am Dániel Láza, the creator of HungarianWood. I design and produce unique, handmade lamps and furniture. The special feature of these products is that they are made from an alloy of Epoxy resin and wood.
I have always loved working with wood, which is how I learned the carpentry trade. I was always open to new things and that's how I discovered the almost inexhaustible possibilities of epoxy resin. All my products are unique and I always strive to create the perfect product.
For me, there was no question that I would have a profession related to wood. My father is also a carpenter, I spent majority of my childhood in the workshop, absorbing the love of the profession.
I was always interested in new things, how to combine something, how to create new things from the fusion of materials. I came across epoxy on the internet and was immediately intrigued by this beautiful material. The first years were spent experimenting in order to create a work whose quality I myself am satisfied with.
I also worked as a classical carpenter in Budapest, I was involved in making movie sets, but for me the real joy is experimenting and realizing my plans.
It is very important for me that I can be independent, that I can allocate my own time as an entrepreneur, and that I can work in accordance with my own quality expectations. I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with it and, last but not least, the incomparable joy of creating.